May 8, 2016

YSL - Rouge Volupté Shine

Today's blogpost is a special one because it features my all time favorite lipsticks, the YSL - Rouge Volupté Shine. I absolutely adore these beauties but always forgot to make a blogpost about them, because saving them for pictures is just too hard.  As soon as I buy a new one I just have to use it immediately. Today I decided that my 3 Rouge Volutpté Shine lipsticks deserved some much-deserved love on my blog.

The first thing that drew my eye to these lipsticks a couple of years ago was the amazing packaging. There isn't a lipstick out there, with such a gorgeous packaging as these lipsticks have, in my opinion. They come in a gorgeous golden case, with a cutout in the middle, which shows you the color of the lipstick. They feel extremely luxurious and sturdy and the color on the case makes it quite easy to find the right one in your stash.  Throughout the past year and a half I picked up 3 shades, a nude, a bright pink and a pinky red.

There isn't a thing about these lipsticks that I don't like. They apply really smoothly and are extremely soft and nourishing on the lips. There is a wide color selection and the pigmentation of all 3 shades, I own, is great. They have a lightly fruity smell and taste, which is not to overpowering and they have a gorgeous shiny finish, which gives your lips a healthy looking glow. 

8 - Pink in Confidence, is the perfect pinky nude shade for my skintone and one that I like to wear a lot at daytime.

5 - Fuchsia in Excess, is a cool-toned bright pink, which I love to wear on a night out or on a sunny spring or summer day. The shade of this lipstick is perfect for my cool-toned skin.

4 - Rouge in Danger, is a red with a pink undertone, which I love to wear to events. This lipstick is also cool-toned because cool-toned lipsticks go best with my skin tone.

As I mentioned before I am absolutely obsessed with these lipsticks. There isn't a single lipstick that I like as much as my Rouge Volupté Shine lipsticks. They are really expensive at 36 euro each, but they are definitely worth it in my opinion and the wide color selection makes it quite easy to find a shade that goes well with your skin tone.

What is your favorite lipstick or lipstick range?


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