May 16, 2016

Picture Time: Week 19

It's Monday morning time for another picture time :). It's also a national holiday so I hope you all have a lovely day off and let's just get into the picture time.

Last Tuesday one of my roommates celebrated her birthday. My other roommate and I wanted to surprise her Monday evening exactly at midnight so we decorated the house and got tiny cakes.

Which meant that we were drinking tea and eating cake at 1 in the morning.

Tuesday one of my friends from back in Nijmegen came by for a surprise visit. We went to Vapiano for pizza.

 And we obviously couldn't leave before we had some tiramisu.

I prefer to workout at night but in the weekend the gym isn't open in the evening, meaning that I never end up working out in the weekend. I am trying to motivate myself to go in the morning and I thought that this quote was quite funny. Let's see if I actually make it to the gym now in the weekend.

 Saturday I went out for brunch with one of my former roommates. I had this delicious french toast with banana and bacon.

 They also served some delicious raspberry lemonade.

On my way back I passed the Chanel store and had to take this picture of the amazing glass outside the store currently has.

Saturday evening one of my friends came over for dinner. I decided to put in some effort to make the table look good, which is so much easier with fresh flowers in the house :).

I tried out a new recipe and it was absolutely delicious. I might write a blogpost about this recipe soon. Sorry that this picture time is so short, I simply forgot to take any pictures most of the days but I'll try to do better this week.

How was your week?


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