May 11, 2016

Picture Time: Week 18

Last week was a really good week, the weather was amazing and I had a couple of days off so it felt like a mini holiday. Be prepared for a lot of sunny pictures :)

The week started quite normal, which meant that I headed to the gym for a workout straight after work on Monday.

On Tuesday the week already started to get a lot better when my roommates' boyfriend decided to bake pancakes for breakfast.

Thursday we celebrated bevrijdingsdag in the Netherlands. I went to the festival in Wageningen with my friends. It was a day filled with friends, laughter, good music, ice-cream and sunshine :),

When your jeans capture the spirit of the day perfectly you just have to take an Instagram picture, right!

Friday my mom and I went on a little getaway to Amersfoort for Mother's day. We started the two days off with lunch at the Bagels and Beans.

We did some shopping and went for dinner at la Cubanita to eat some Tapas. After dinner we went to the movie Mother's day, which was the perfect movie to watch on this little getaway.

One of my friends sent me this picture of Nijmegen. It's weird because even though I love living in Amsterdam, Nijmegen also still feels like home, but so does the USA and the town where I grew up.

Saturday the weather was still amazing so we had lunch in the sun, followed by some more shopping.

Sunday was a chill day, which I started with breakfast on the balcony in the sunshine :).

and it was time for my first Starbucks Frappuccino in 2016.

I drank my Starbucks in the park, which looked so perfect and beautiful.

How was your week in the sunshine?


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