May 4, 2016

May Goals

Wow I swear I say this every month but I have no idea where April went. In my April goals I was really excited for the nicer weather to come, but the weather in April was quite horrible. May so far is looking a lot better so it's time for some more spring related goals. 

But first it's time for a little recap. Maybe I should go for a blog and YouTube upgrade take 3 because also in April I failed to work on this, which is really annoying me. Recipe wise I did quite alright I tried two new recipes, which were both curry related but still quite different and really delicious. I also did go to the gym a bit more but I was definitely not doing a workout challenge nor was I on a strict schedule. The same can be said about my goal to blog more. I did manage to upload a couple posts but not as many as I would like to but I did improve the amount of videos on my YouTube, which I am happy about. I have noticed though that I tend to forget my goals so for May my first goal is to:

  • Write down my goals somewhere where I can see them. This should be quite an easy goal but I have absolutely know idea yet, what a smart place would be to write them down so that I actually see them. If you have any suggestion please let me know :)
  • Start writing and posting different kinds op blogposts. Recently I've been sticking to my review, picture time, and video blogposts but I have some new inspiration and ideas that I want to work on, which you will hopefully see on my blog this month. 
  • Constantly have fresh flowers in the house. Nothing says spring to me as much as flowers do. So to bring the spring vibe into my house I want to have fresh flowers at all time :).
  • Spring clean my closet and make up collection. Especially the make up collection clear out is important because some of the stuff in my collection I actually used in high school and even though I like to pretend that it hasn't been that long, it has been a long time since I was in high school, so that make up needs to go.
  • Finish the 4 books I have already started reading earlier. Yeah I know I am weird, that I have 4 books on the go at the same time but hey sometimes these things just happen

What are your goals for May?


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