April 5, 2016

Plog, Sunday the 3rd of April

Not a Picture Time this week but a Plog. This past week I had the flu, meaning that I spend my week laying in bed and not taking any pictures. Sunday I had a fun day planned and thankfully I was feeling a lot better so I took my camera out, a bit more often than usual, and decided to make a Plog.

I started my Sunday, the way I like to start all my Sundays, with a Sunday brunch. I met up with a friend at the Metropolitain, where neither one of us had been before, but I heard good things about. We immediately fell in love with the Metropolitain, the interior and the food are completely instagram worthy and it's a really nice place to relax.

That afternoon I went to Nijmegen for the first time in two months and I was really excited to be there again. As soon as I arrived my friends told me we were going out for dinner and cocktails :).

 We all had an apple pie cocktail but since I still wasn't back to my old self after the flu, I decided that  a virgin apple pie cocktail was a better idea for me. It was absolutely delicious.

I had Italian tomato soup as a starter.

Followed by chicken sate as my main.

We were having dinner at one of the restaurants next to the Waal, which gave us an excellent view on the Waalbrug, one of the most well known sights in Nijmegen.

For my dessert I went for creme brûlée. I had been feeling like creme brûlée ever since I went to Paris. Unfortunately they didn't have it there at any of the restaurant we were eating, so I got really excited that it was one the menu now.

After dinner we watched some New Girl before we all went to bed. It was a great Sunday especially being back in Nijmegen with my friends was amazing.  

How was your weekend?


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