April 25, 2016

Picture Time: Week 16

On this rainy (at least in the Netherlands) Monday, I am showing you my past week, which was  a lot sunnier. 

On Wednesday my roommate and I wanted to have dinner together but we had no idea what to cook. My roommate spotted this on the Albert Heijn website and we thought it looked quite interesting and tasty so we gave it a try.

I love these Blond Amsterdam plates and mugs. They're just so cute!

The Curry was really easy to make and it turned out amazing. So I will definitely be making this again.

The weather was really sunny last week so instead of my usual hot Starbucks drink I went for my favorite cold summer drink, an iced vanilla latte.

Thursday evening I went to Nijmegen to surprise my friends and while I was waiting on the bus my old roommate asked me where in Nijmegen I was so I took this picture. Apparently she was also at the station so we got to see each other very briefly, which was great. 

My friends had to organize a high wine, with 4 delicious wines and snacks. They had no idea that I was coming and they were really surprised and happy to see me. So the surprise was a success.

One of the snacks they served at the high wine where home made truffles and they were one of the most delicious things I have ever tried, especially these Oreo truffels.

My friend put this adorable note on my pillow, that night, which was so sweet. The next morning we made pancakes for breakfast after which I travelled to my parent's house, for the weekend.

Saturday evening I had a dinner with my family and as a starter I went for fried asperges. I had no idea what to expect because I had never heard of fried asperges before, but it was really good.

Sunday afternoon I traveled back to Amsterdam because one of my friends was coming over for dinner. We went for quite a simple but still delicious meal and after my friend left I spend the rest of the evening watching TV and writing this blogpost. Next week is also going to be filled with a lot of fun activities with my friends, which I will show you in my next picture time.

How was your week?


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