April 18, 2016

Picture Time: Week 15

It's Monday, which means that it's time for a coffee-filled day and a new picture time, in which I show you my past week.

I forgot to take any pictures at the beginning of the week but Wednesday evening I went out for dinner with friends at Snckbr. I arrived a bit early because I went there straight from work, which gave me some time to take pictures of the amazing decor. The plants in the window are actually in sinks, which was something I had never seen before.

I ordered a burger which was stamped with the Snckbr logo and we also shared some sweet potato fries.

Obsessed with the Kate Spade furniture, which keeps showing up on my Insta. I especially love this desk, which is such a nice statement item.

Thursday night I made myself some green curry, which is currently one of my favorite things to eat.

 I also uploaded my first look from Paris, you can click here if you haven't seen it.

Friday I had to be at the station and I normally love to take pictures of the water but the weather was awful so everything looked grey.

Every now and then we have fries Friday at the office. I went for a fries with satesaus.

On Saturday I lounged around the house and got my new adorable pajamas out.

That afternoon one of my friends came over and we decided that we both needed some cake so we went to Taart van m'n tante, which has delicious cakes.

Cake wasn't enough so we went to the Shabu Shabu for dinner. The dessert buffet is so big that it's just impossible to choose especially because you're always already full from all the other food and sushi. On Sunday I had a blog day where I filmed a new video and took a lot of blog pictures, which you will see soon :) .

How was your week?



  1. Ik krijg super trek van al dat eten, heerlijk ziet het eruit! Je pyjama ziet er ook zo leuk uit :D

  2. Die pyjama is mooi! Zoiets moet ik ook maar eens kopen, aangezien ik echt geen mooie pyjama heb en altijd in oude shirts slaap, haha!

    1. dankje! ik slaap zelf ook heel vaak in oude pyjama's en shirts, maar vond deze zo schattig dat ik hem niet kon laten liggen :)