April 11, 2016

Picture Time: Week 14

 Last week was filled with dinners and a sunny weekend. Today I am showing you what I've been up to last week.

Last week I moved to a new apartment in Amsterdam because my first room in Amsterdam was a temporary room for 2 months. Tuesday I went to hand in my key and decided to have dinner with my old roommate. We went for a simple pasta with pesto, chicken and broccoli.

On Wednesday I had dinner with my new roommates. We went for noodles with beef, vegetables and teriyaki sauce, which was very good.

My mom had given me these two enormous chocolate bunnies and Wednesday evening when we were playing 30 seconds with the roommates, we decided that we would start eating the smallest one.

One of our vegetable plants from the Albert Heijn acted a bit strange. Instead of the paper dissolving the plants actually pushed the paper to the top.

On Friday one of my colleagues brought this delicious chocolate to work. We had milk chocolate with fudge & brownie and white chocolate with gingerbread.

Friday evening I just had a chill night at home and decided to pamper myself with the amazing Secrets of the World products from The Body Shop.

Saturday the weather was lovely so I decided to go to the park

 And I picked up some gorgeous flowers.

 Sunday evening my roommate and I wanted to try out Wagamama and it was delicious :).

What better way to end the week than with chocolate fudge cake. :)

How was your week?


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