April 28, 2016

MAC X Zac Posen

When I first started watching Youtube video about 7 years ago, MAC eyeshadows were "the" eyeshadows every youtuber and blogger used. Nowadays the MAC lip products have been getting all the attention but recently I've been loving the MAC x Zac Posen eyeshadow palette, which I am sharing with you today.

The Mac X Zac Posen collection is a collaboration between MAC and Zac Posen, a well known designer. I have to say that I wasn't immediately drawn to this limited edition collection, because the design of the packaging of the collection isn't that appealing to me. I quickly changed my mind though once I saw the colors in the eyeshadow palette. I tend to stick to the neutral colors when it comes to eyeshadow but this also means that I have many very similar palettes and eyeshadows. This palette is still quite neutral but the pinky/purple shades give it something extra and it was also a great value for money to try out 6 different MAC eyeshadows.

The palette, which is called Eye Z You, comes with 1 matte shade and 5 pearly shades. The matte shade is a perfect nudy-base shade while the other shades range from pearly to pink to deep purple and grey. 

The pigmentation of the first row is decent but not perfect, but this is also due to the fact that the 2 of the 3 shades are very close to my skin tone. Once applied on the eyes, the pigmentation was a lot better luckily. The pigmentation of the second row is very good and I really like the pearly finish of the shades. The quality of the eyeshadow is very good; the shadows go on really smoothly and blend easily without any fallout. This palette is perfect for days when I want something neutral but still a little bit more adventurous. It might also make an appearance in a favorites video soon since I have already been using it lots.

Have you ever tries any MAC eyeshadows?


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