April 8, 2016

April Goals

March flew by again, but I don't mind it at all because spring is finally here! So bring on April with hopefully a lot of sunshine.

When it came down to my goals, March definitely wasn't one of my best months of the year.  I did however, manage to fully achieve at least one of the 4 goals. One of my goals was to plan a short trip and I did. I planned a trip to Paris and went there the last weekend in March (P.S. a Paris vlog will be up this weekend). The rest of my goals were only partially achieved. I only managed to go to bed before 11 p.m. the week I had the flu and spend my days laying in bed anyway. I took about 20 pieces out of my closet that I no longer liked but I did not organize or spring clean anything else and there are definitely still some more pieces that need to go. And when it came to upgrading my blog and YouTube, I did not get any further than adding an about me section to my blog. I'm taking this goal with me to April, which leads me to my April goals:

  • Upgrade my blog and YouTube. Take 2 and hopefully by the end of April you will have seen some improvements to my blog and YouTube.
  • Try out at least 3 new recipes. Lately I've been kind of stuck on the same meals. Whenever I'm in the grocery store, I'm never creative enough to come up with something new. This month I want to find and try some new recipes and maybe I can even do some cooking posts on the blog. 
  • Blog more and start blogging ahead. March wasn't a good month on the blogpost front. Due to Paris, having the flu and moving (within Amsterdam) there were almost no posts. Recently I found myself being really inspired, which resulted in many great blogpost ideas. This month I want to spend many hours behind my desk, brining these ideas to life.
  • Start a new workout challenge. Remember how proud I was with my gym membership and the fact that I was actually going? Well I have to admit that it has been a while since I've seen the inside of my gym. With summer approaching, it's time to hit the gym more and I think that a workout challenge with a strict schedule will motivate me to go.

I am really excited about this month's goals. So let's get started! 
What are your April goals?


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