March 14, 2016

Picture Time: Week 10

Last week I didn't upload a picture time blogpost because I forgot to take any pictures, but this past week, I had some fun things planned, which I obviously photographed.

Last Sunday while on our way to a birthday party, my friends and I had a quick coffee stop at a gas station and we were amazed that they had a Starbucks machine where you could get your Starbucks coffee. You had options like chai tea and you could choose between different kinds of coffee beans and syrups for your coffee. I went for a caramel macchiato and it was delicious.

That evening we made risotto with lots of vegetables for dinner.

On Monday normal working life started again so I spend my evening relaxing on the couch in my pajama's, which are still in Christmas style.

On Tuesday the sun was shining so we decided to eat our lunch outside but as soon as we went outside it started to rain. So we ended up eating our lunch at the office anyway.

I rediscovered my Michael Kors watch and have been loving wearing it again, especially combined with my Kate Spade bow bangle.

I was in the Urban Outfitters to buy a present for a friend and found this really funny book, which I contemplated buying for myself. I find that once you get older people expect you to have your life together but sometimes you just have no clue what your doing, so it would be a helpful book for myself but also as a gift for friends.

On Thursday I went by the Fitbit event with some of my colleagues. They had an amazing pink food truck with even more amazing cakes by Life of Pie and they showed us the new fitbit bracelet, which looked amazing (sorry, a bit heavy on the amazing front, I tried to find an other word but amazing just worked best for all of these things.)

They also gave us this delicious cupcake and added a list of exercise that you could do to burn the cupcake. You had to workout for 15 minutes to burn the cupcake, which made me a bit reluctant to eat it actually, but I did anyway and obviously I didn't workout. I shared the cupcake with my roommate though so that's how I justified not working out.

Friday evening I went to Amersfoort after work to celebrate my friend's birthday.

 The next day we went into town to this adorable coffee bar.

Where I had an amazing apple pie! I just absolutely adore Amersfoort. The centre is so cute and there are so many small boutiques and coffee places. After a bit of shopping I went back home to Amsterdam and what I did next, you'll have to see in my picture time next week.

I hope you have a lovely Monday.


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