March 4, 2016

March Goals

Wow is it just me or did the month February just fly by? And we even had an extra day this February. Today it's already the 4th of March, which means that my recap of my February goals is already long overdue. Let's have a quick look back at my February goals and let's set some new goals for March.

At my January recap I mentioned that I had left myself some room for improvement because I only really achieved 2 out of 4 goals. Well now I have even more room for improvement because I only achieved one. I am currently the proud owner of a gym membership and I am also actually going to the gym, which is new for me, because having a membership and going to the gym are two completely different things in my world. I did get to know Amsterdam a lot better but I did not visit the Anne Frank house unfortunately and I only found 2 new coffee places but we're getting there. The thing I am really disappointed about is my lack of videos. I really tried to upload videos and write blogposts but I struggled. I just did not have as much time as I would have hoped, but I am doing my utmost best to make up for it now, because I just miss the interaction with you, which leads me to my new goals.

  • Upgrade my blog and YouTube. I want to make more high quality content and I just want to make the overall feel and design of my blog and YouTube more professional. I already made a small start by adding the "about me" section to my blog but I want to change more.
  • Spring clean my closet. My move last month just made me aware of how much stuff especially clothes and shoes I actually own. There are so many items that I'm no longer wearing and that are no longer my style, so I just really need to separate with some items.
  • Plan a short trip.  I really enjoy traveling and it also gives me so much positive energy. I have my summer holiday booked but I want to plan a short trip or even just a weekend getaway for the end of March or the beginning of April, just to experience a new place.
  • Be in bed before 11 pm at least once a week. I am an evening person and since I don't have to get up super early for my internship I tend to go to bed quite late, around 1 am. This month I want to be in bed before 11 pm at least once a week to give my body some extra rest and because some extra sleep is also a great way to improve your skin, which is always a bonus.

Did you have any February goals? how did you do?


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