March 2, 2016

8 items you need in your closet this spring

The sun has made a sneaky appearance every now and then in the past couple of days, which makes me really excited for the spring to start. Today I am sharing 8 items with you, that will be the perfect update for your Spring wardrobe.

  • Button-up skirts and suede where already big trends this past fall/winter season and they are not going anywhere yet, this spring. A lighter color suede button-up skirt, like this one from & Other Stories, is the perfect way to transfer this trend from winter to spring. 
  • After the skinny and the boyfriend jeans, the mom jeans is the new way to go this spring season. I like it when the jeans are a little distressed like this Topshop pair.
  • If you have been on Instagram this past year, you must have seen a lace bra, because they are everywhere. Love Stories makes adorable lace bralettes like this one.
  • Culottes are a big trend this spring but one that might not be everyone's cup of tea. They might not be the easiest item to style but with a nice pair of heels they can look very fancy and sophisticated. This striped one from the WE is the perfect addition to your work and fancy event wardrobe.
  • When it comes to shoes laces are the way to go. Whether it comes to heels, flats, sandals or boots, laces are the biggest trend and let's be honest, lace-up sandals like these from New Look are adorable. 
  • Denim must be the biggest trend of the season. Not only your jeans but also dresses, tops and skirts are made out of denim this Spring. This Topshop denim dress is just too cute. 
  • Florals, lace and pastel are combined to create a romantic look in most shirts like for example this one by Warehouse.
  • Pinafore dresses used to be very trendy when I was a child, but they are back and combined with a striped turtle neck they are the perfect item to transition from winter into spring. I especially like black pinafore dresses like this one from Topshop because they look more sophisticated. 
Which item or trend would you like to add to your closet?


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  1. Die tuinbroek zou niet iets voor mij zijn maar de rest vind ik heel leuk!