February 29, 2016

Picture Time: Week 8

A new week filled with food, but hey, what's new about that! I hope you enjoy the post and I already apologize if you're getting hungry from reading this post.

On Tuesday my roommates and I made dinner together. We decided to go for Asian food, which was delicious.

On Wednesday I met up with a friend at the Foodhallen. I heard so many good things about the Foodhallen but I had never been there.

We decided to go for burgers for dinner, which came in this funny bag.

They also had a gin & tonic stand and when I told my friend that I had never had one before; he decided that it was time for some gin & tonics, so that I would lose my gin & tonic virginity. I had one with raspberries and blueberries and it was really really good. 

I can for sure recommend the Foodhallen. The atmosphere is really nice and there are so many options that all looked really good.

One of my friends was coming to visit me Friday evening so we decided to meet in the Bijenkorf because we thought I would be easier to find each other there. But we could not find each other so we each took a picture of where we were in the store. In the end we turned out to be on different floors. 

My friend brought cupcakes, which was the perfect dessert for after dinner. Later that night we went to the Hoxton to have some wine but we both forgot to take pictures.

Saturday morning my friend, who was my roommate in Nijmegen, and I went out for brunch as was our tradition in Nijmegen. We went to Pluk an adorable little restaurant and shop in de 9 straatjes. We decided to share an acai bowl and a banana/egg pancake because we could not choose, it all looked too delicious. 

Then we decided that we needed a "second course" which we again shared. We spend the rest of the day browsing de 9 straatjes and shopping in the centre.

I spotted these adorable teacups from the new Pip studio range at the Bijenkorf. My current tableware is also from Pip studio but from an older range. I would have totally picked some of these teacups up, if the cups would also have had the gold dot design, which is in my opinion cuter than the blue design. 

Sunday was a blogging kind of day. Now that I have my full time internship, it's a lot harder to find time to work on my blog. It was just lovely to spend the whole day making pictures, filming and catching up on email and to just give my blog some well-deserved love. 

Did you have a nice week?



  1. Die goddelijke cupcakes, wat een lekker eten allemaal! Leuk die foodhallen.

  2. wouw de eerste foto!!!! :) love it!:)

  3. Wat een leuke foto's allemaal, heerlijk eten ook! Ik wil ook graag een keer een kijkje nemen in de foodhallen, ben heel erg benieuwd :) X