February 24, 2016

Picture Time: Week 7

This picture time is a bit late, because I spend the weekend in Antwerp with my friends. This also means that this picture time is going to be filled with pictures of my fun weekend getaway.

The first couple of days were regular working days so I did not take any pictures. On Wednesday my dad had to be in Amsterdam, so we went out to dinner to Loetje, where they have the best steak. If you are ever in Amsterdam and fancy some steak then Loetje is the place to go.

On Friday it was time for the weekend getaway to Antwerp with my friends. It was actually really nice in the train because the weather was so sunny and because I had a smoothie.

The trip was a surprise for 5 of my friends. They only knew that they had to be in Antwerp but had no idea, where we would be staying or what we were going to do. One of my friends and I arrived in Antwerp first, so that we could start preparing the apartment. We made a screenshot of the route we had to walk in Antwerp but we ended up going the wrong way anyway. 

We wanted to make the apartment look cozy so we put candles everywhere and we obviously had to make a little heart.

The 3 of us who organized the trip all got a present from the other girls. I got nerds, which is one of my favorite American candy. Nerds are hard to come by in the Netherlands so I was really happy with my present. 

The next day we went to the shopping street to do some shopping and we all wore the same crowns on our head as you can see in the first picture. For lunch we went to an Italian restaurant and asked the waiter to take a picture of us, and he took this selfie.

We also got some delicious hot chocolate at an adorable chocolate store/coffee bar.

The next day (Sunday) we checked out of our apartment and we went to the ZOO all dressed in animal onesies.

Look how close this hippo is! I had never seen a hippo this close up. 

We enjoyed the rest of the day in the Zoo and took the train back home in the evening. It was an amazing weekend and I already can't wait for the summer, when we are all going on vacation together. I also have some fun things planned for this week but more on that in my next picture time.

How was your week?


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