February 15, 2016

Picture Time: Week 6

It's Monday morning, time for another recap of my latest week; week 2 in Amsterdam.

On Monday after work, I went to the gym and I have to say that after going every other day in the past week I can already see a slight progress, which makes me really happy.

Tuesday one of my friends came over for dinner and the new pretty little liars episode had just been added to Netflix so we decided to watch it together. What do you think of the new season? I've been loving the new season so far. 

This box with chocolates in the shape of nail polish arrived at work and obviously we already ate all of it :).

Friday I decided to start the weekend with a giveaway, which is still open right now, so don't forget to enter to win these amazing The Body Shop products.

Friday evening some of my friends came to visit me. We had dinner, we had some wine and we then decided to head into town, which was a lot of fun.

 Saturday morning we all wanted to start the day healthy so I made yoghurt and homemade smoothies, which turned out way better than expected.

Saturday evening I made a really plain pasta with, minced meat, broccoli and red sauce. It looks awful on this picture doesn't it? But it actually tasted really good.

My Saturday evening was quite relaxt and I spend it looking though this amazing book, I received form my friends as a housewarming present.

This week is going to be busy and a lot of fun, because I am going away for the weekend, which I will tell you all about in my next picture time.

How was your week?


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