February 16, 2016

My 5 Favorite Coffee Hotspots in Nijmegen

I just love spending the day drinking coffee with my friends in cute restaurants and coffee bars. In Nijmegen, my previous hometown, I had a couple of places that I loved to go for my coffee and long chats with friends. Today I am sharing my 5 favorite Coffee Hotspots in Nijmegen with you.   

Sid & Liv
Sid & Liv is my favorite place to go for a weekend brunch. The decor in Sid & Liv is totally Pinterest inspired and it immediately makes you wish your house looked as cute as the restaurant, which is possible because there is also a little shop inside the restaurant where you can buy a lot of the stuff you see in the restaurant. At Sid & Liv they serve amazing smoothies and coffee and they have a lot of freshly baked goodness, like scones and salted caramel brownies. They also have a really cute garden which is a perfect spot to spend the summer days relaxing with an iced coffee. 

512 is a concept store which has a small coffee/tea bar called T's. T's gives you the feeling of being in a greenhouse due to the wooden interior and large amounts of plants. Here you can also get "stroopwafel", a typical Dutch speciality, with a twist. Ever wanted to try a stroopwafel with bacon or pesto flavor? then T's is the place to go.

Fifa has only recently opened its doors in Nijmegen but it's already a favorite. Fika is a Scandinavian style lunchroom/coffee bar where the decor is amazing, the coffee's delicious and they serve my favorite raspberry lemonade. Fika feels really cozy and homey and I often spend hours in here just drinking coffee and talking to my friends.

Mugs and Muffins
Mugs and Muffins is a cute coffee bar right in the middle of the center next to the shopping street. This is the ideal place if you want to take a break from shopping and feel like drinking flavored coffee and eating lots of pastries, like apple pie lattes and raspberry white chocolate muffins, which I love.

Tati is a coffeebar/restuarant in the neighborhood where I used to live. It's not completely in the center of Nijmegen, which I actually like about Tati because it changes the whole atmosphere. At Tati you find a lot of local people just working on their laptops or talking to their friends. Tati has a vintage, mismatched decor and it feels really cozy. Several nights a week Tati stays open for dinnertime and on Wednesday they often have a singer-songwriter evening. Tati is definitely worth the 10 minute walk from the city center.

I hope this give you some tips on places to visit if you ever go to Nijmegen. Making this blogpost made me realize that I need to visit Nijmegen soon to enjoy these places once more.

Have you ever been to Nijmegen?


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