February 2, 2016

February Goals

It's the second of February, which means that it's time for my February goals.

Looking back, I achieved about 50% off my January goals. 2 days ago I officially moved to Amsterdam, so I managed to do that right before the month ended :).  I'm also still going strong with my 52-week money challenge, but that isn't to hard because I only had to save a total of 10 euro in the past 4 weeks, but now that the spring clothes are appearing and the amounts that need to be saved are becoming bigger I can sense some trouble on the horizon. I also did go to the hairdresser and made a blog planning, I did not write ahead though and I am still left with eyebrows that are not on fleek and don't even get me started on my nails. But looking at it from the positive side, I at least left myself some room for improvement, which brings me to my February goals.

  • Get a gym membership. Now that the weather has been so awful lately I found myself slacking on my morning runs. I want to become fitter so I think that joining a gym might be the best solution. Although convincing myself to go might be the actual challenge.
  • Post a new video every week. I haven't been posting videos lately because I just had no place and time to film due to the move. I hope to be back with some nice videos soon :).
  • Visit the Anne Frank house. The Anne Frank House is really well known and an important part of history, but I've never been there, which needs to change soon.
  • Discover at least 3 new coffee hotspots in Amsterdam. I really enjoy spending my afternoons drinking coffee in cute little cafes and I had a bunch of hotspots in Nijmegen, where I lived before. I really want to get to know Amsterdam better and find some new favorite coffee places here.

What are your February goals?


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