January 25, 2016

Picture Time: Week 3

If I had to describe this past week with 3 words I would probably go for food, coffee and fun. I had a lovely week off (because I start my new internship today) and filled it with dinners and coffees with friends. My apologies if you're hungry or craving coffee after watching and reading this picture time.

I started my Monday still daydreaming about my lovely weekend in the snow.

Monday evening I had a goodbye dinner with my roommates (well actually housemates) because one of my other roommates and I are both moving soon.

As a starter I had tomato soup.

Followed by sate as my main dish… 

 and this amazing chocolate cake and white chocolate mouse as my dessert. The food was delicious and I was just such a fun night, we talked for hours.

Tuesday morning I decided that I wanted to eat a healthy breakfast. I decided to go for yoghurt with banana, muesli, honey and a teeny tiny bit of cinnamon. I actually enjoyed this breakfast so much that I have been eating the exact same thing every morning for this past week. 

I went into town to do some shopping and spotted these amazing copper hangers in Primark. I didn't buy any yet but might pick some up soon.

Wednesday I filmed my new what's in my bag video, which you can watch here.

I went to one of my favorite coffee places to work on my blog and edit the video, because my room is almost completely empty due to the move.

That night I went out for dinner with friends to La Cubanita. I had never been to a La Cubanita restaurant before, but I really liked it, so I'll have to go back soon.

Thursday morning I went out for breakfast with my roommate. It might not have been the healthiest breakfast but it was delicious. I had an amazing apple pie latte, banana bread en we shared a raspberry, white chocolate muffin. In the afternoon I went to Ikea to get some stuff for my room in Amsterdam.

Friday I spend my morning catching up and drinking coffee with my friend in town. 

After a little browse in the shops, I spend the rest of my day doing some household chores and by packing some boxes.

Saturday was a fun day. One of my friends had her 21 dinner, so we went to her parents house and drove to Delft on tandems, which was quite scary at first. After we had our delicious dinner, which my friend's parents prepared for us, we went clubbing in The Hague. Sunday morning we all had a pretty slow start and my day continued on this slow pace.

This week is going to be filled with changes. I am starting my new internship and I am moving :) So let's see what this week will bring.

How was your favorite thing about last week?



  1. Wat een heerlijke week! Letterlijk! Ik krijg er honger van, door al die foto's! Mmmm!!

  2. Wat een hoop lekker eten, jam! De koperen hangers zijn heel leuk :)