January 18, 2016

Picture Time: Week 2

Welcome to a winter themed picture time. I went on a weekend getaway to the snow last weekend so be prepared for a lot of snowy pictures :).

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I spent my days working and packing boxes. Wednesday was my last day my side job so I have a lot more free time and I spend it well. On Wednesday evening I had a dinner with my friends and when I arrived the table was already set and it looked so cute.

Thursday morning my dad came to help me move some boxes. We went to one of our favorite places for lunch and I chose this not so healthy but really delicious meal.

 Friday I went on a weekend getaway to the Ardennes in Belgium with my friends. We wanted to go to snow and we were really lucky because it snowed heavily on Friday :). We stayed in an adorable cottage near Durbuy.

Saturday morning I woke up quite early and opened the blinds and just stared out the window for quite a while, because the view was just gorgeous and snow always looks so magical.

After breakfast we went for a walk in the snow. 

We spend the day playing board games and building a snowman. For dinner we made hutspot, which is the perfect winter food.

Another picture of our cottage because it was just adorable.

We spend the evening chatting, eating chocolate and playing more board games.

The next morning there was fresh snow, which made the view even prettier than the day before.

 We went to Durbuy, which is a really cute village.

 So pretty.

After our walk we had to heat up so we all went to drink some hot chocolate.

The rest of the day we drove around in the snow, enjoyed the view and eventually returned back home late in the evening. It was a great week with an amazing weekend. I was really amazed by the fact that we were so close to home, but it felt as if we were on skiing vacation due to the snow and the  atmosphere.

This week will also be filled with fun activities, but more on that next picture time.

How was your week?



  1. Wat mooi, al die sneeuw! En lekker eten :D

    1. dankje! T was zo mooi om in een soort van bos te zitten met sneeuw :)