January 11, 2016

Picture Time: Week 1

 The first official week of 2016 was centered around moving and finding a new room in Amsterdam.

I started the week of with a couple days of really bad migraine, which meant that I spend most of my time in bed. Wednesday afternoon my friends came by with a whole cupcake baking set to cheer me up. We made these delicious cupcakes.

That night something terrible happened; I finished up my ultra repair cream by First Aid Beauty. I've have used this cream twice a day for about a year and since I didn't order a back up yet, I was kind of upset when I ran out of this cream. But this also meant that I could try out a new product which I had in my to review box and I went for the Kiehl's ultra facial cream.

I also finally filmed and uploaded my room tour. You can watch it here if you haven't seen it yet.

On Saturday my dad and uncle came to help me move my furniture. For dinner we went out to eat pizza.

 And obviously we had to treat ourselves to a dessert; I chose Tiramisu.

Now that some of my furniture is gone I don't really have a bed frame anymore, so for the time being I am just sleeping on a mattress on the floor, which feels like a sleep over party every single day.

Sunday was a busy day I went to Amsterdam in the morning followed by a brunch, followed by a quick and easy dinner with my friends. We decided to make some spaghetti with tomato sauce and lots of veggies with some meatballs. Exactly what I needed after a busy day.

Next week is going to be extremely busy, I have to work, have to continue packing, have some fun activities planned and I am going away for the weekend. So you can look forward to a nicer and longer picture time next week :).

How was your week?


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  1. ohh al die lekkernijen! ik krijg er echt trek van <3