January 29, 2016

Moving & My New Internship, A Little Ramble

It's time for a little ramble on why I've been quite absent on my blog and other social media channels these past couple of days. I kind of wanted to start this blogpost with "Hello, it's me" but that would have been a little to exaggerated,  right :). Anyways let's start the ramble.

This week is a big week for me with a lot of changes. I officially start my new internship in Amsterdam next Monday but I've had some orientation days this week to learn more about the company and my function, which has so far been great. I am also moving out of my current room in Nijmegen and into my new room in Amsterdam this weekend. So my days have been filled with packing all my stuff and I again discovered, that you never know how much stuff you own until your moving. It literally made me question, if I even needed to go shopping in 2016 at all. But in reality most of this week and last week has been filled with meeting up with friends and saying goodbye to my favorite places. I am one of those over-sentimental people, who wants to visit every place, shop or restaurant I love and remind myself that I will not go there anymore anytime soon, so basically I like to drive myself nuts. This meant that I found myself in a dilemma because I just discovered that I did not need to go shopping anytime soon but also wanted to say bye to my favorite shops. The latter weighed heavier in this equation so I might have done some sneaky shopping, with the good excuse that I obviously needed some new decor; a skirt and workout pants were apparently also necessary (because obviously I will work out a lot more in Amsterdam, right?).

All in all this week has been and will remain quite busy and I simply don't have the time or the peace of mind to work on my blog a lot and also literally all of my beauty products are packed away, which makes blogging a bit harder. I can't wait to go back to my online life again once things have settled down, because I miss it a lot. I already made a new blog schedule and can't wait for you guys to read the new blogpost I have planned. Talk to you soon :)



  1. Veel verandering, kan me voorstellen dat het drukte met zich meebrengt. Veel plezier op je stage!

    1. Dankje wat lief :) Het is momenteel inderdaad lekker druk maar ik hoop dat ik snel weer meer kan bloggen :)