January 22, 2016

Cute Workout Clothes

Long gone are the days were you could just work out in an old oversized band camp or school T-shirt. Workout clothes have gone from boring to cute in the recent year, which is good for all the shopaholics out there (like myself) because now there's a whole new category of items to shop for. Today I  sharing some of the cutest workout clothes I've seen recently. All of these items are so cute that they actually motivate you to work out, just so you can wear them. Say bye to the I'll workout tomorrow excuses.

  • H&M, strappy back black yoga top 
  • Modemusthaves, sweater "training for a (netflix) marathon
  • Hunkemoller, the game sport bra 
  • Pink, campus water bottle "gym squad"
  • Bando, work it out gym bag "after this we're getting pizza"
  • Hunkemoller Sylvie sport, sport bra level 2 
  • Pink, ultimate reversible yoga legging
  • Pink, rib neck muscle tank "I hate running"

Which item is your favorite?



  1. Leuk om te bekijken. Inspiratie op dit gebied is altijd fijn!
    XOXO esmee

  2. Zulke leuke items! Altijd leuk om naar te kijken :D

  3. Hahah de trui met die tekst :P
    De broek is ook erg leuk!