January 20, 2016

Home Decor Wish List

I love to decorate rooms and now that I am moving soon, I spend way too much time on Pinterest, pinning the best room decor. I've lived in many rooms in the past couple of years as a student and every room has been decorated completely different. I just love how a room can reflect your mood and the phase of your life your in. Today I am sharing my current home decor wish list.

  • I love the whole little side table trend that has been going on. I came across this gorgeous side table with wooden legs and a marble top, which is my favorite combo at the moment. Recently I've been obsessed with marble. It gives your room an extra dimension and looks very stylish but is still very simple.
  • This one line a day book, is very appealing to the eye and therefore a perfect side or coffee table decor item. But I chose this book because I think it will be very interesting to write one line every day for 5 years and see how my life and opinions change over the course of 5 years, especially now that I am in my early twenties and life is constantly changing.
  • I recently got a clothing rack and these copper hangers would just look amazing on it. You could first only find these at more expensive home decor stores but I spotted them in Primark today, which makes them a lot more affordable. I already regret not buying them, so I might have to get them soon.
  • This picture frame is just very appealing to me; I just love the geometrical shape and obviously the copper color. I would look amazing on a nightstand or on a plane white wall.
  • I always need to have a rug next to my bed, because waking up and having to immediately walk on the cold floor is just to much for me early in the morning. This rug looks incredibly soft and cute. 
  • I spotted this dark turquoise pillow in the H&M Home and loved it so much that I think that this is going to be the accent color for my new room. The fact that the pillow is velvet is even better because that makes it very soft.
  • I love Bath & Body Works candles and even though they are not sold in the Netherlands, I can't help but look at their site every now and then. This candleholder is stunning and would make the  often bright and printed candles fit in with my room theme a lot better.

What is your favorite store to look for home decor?


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