January 13, 2016

Blogs I've Been Loving 1

Every morning as soon as I get up, I grab my laptop and open bloglovin. I just love to start the day by reading some blogposts while I eat my breakfast. I follow quite a lot of blogs but there are always a few blogs that I click on first. Today I am sharing 3 of these (in this edition only Dutch) blogs with you because they are amazing and deserve the attention :).

Iris Jonet
I really enjoy Iris's blog. The design of the blog is adorable and Iris always takes the most amazing and unique pictures. It really shows how passionate Iris is about her blog. Iris does not only post beauty but also fashion related blogposts and I just love her style.

Montévie is Renske's personal blog and I always read Montévie with a smile on my face. Renske covers a wide variety of topics, everything from recipes, DIYs, personal posts to book reviews, so there is something for everyone. But what I liked the most about Renske's blog is her funny and personal writing style.

La Femme Fem
Femke only started her blog in 2015, but her blog is already doing really well and I can see why. Femke posts beauty reviews, personal blogposts, tags and a lot of mac lipstick reviews, which I really enjoy. I really admire how connected Femke is with her readers and fellow bloggers, this just shows how sweet she is.

Did you already read or follow one of these blogs? Which blogs have you been loving?



  1. Ahhhh, ik vind dit echt een heel, heel, heel erg lief berichtje :-)! Dankjewel meis! X

  2. Wat een super lief berichtje! Die lach op mijn gezicht gaat er vanavond niet meer af. Je bent een schat! En jouw blog is natuurlijk ook super leuk!!

    1. ah dankje! :) je blog is gewoon zo leuk dat ie de aandacht verdiende :)

  3. Wat leuk om te lezen! De blog van Femke lees ik ook heel graag!

  4. Heel leuk om te lezen! Ken ze alle drie en bezoek ze zelf ook graag! :)