December 9, 2015

Jo Malone - Blackberry & Bay

Today's blogpost is a special one, because it features my favorite perfume brand, Jo Malone. My first Jo Malone encounter was in London a couple of years ago, when I was doing some Christmas shopping and was drawn to the counter with all the pretty light yellow boxes and all the identical bottles. It was then, that I bought my first Jo Malone perfume in Blackberry & Bay and now that I am about halfway through my second bottle, I thought a review was in order.

Jo Malone perfumes differ from other perfumes because they are very pure and have a very limited amount of notes, which also makes the perfumes ideal for layering. All perfumes at Jo Malone are categorized and I was immediately drawn to Blackberry & Bay, which is part of the Fruity category, and has the following scent notes:

Top note: Blackberry
Heart notes: Bay Leaves & Cedarwood

Then on to the scent; I would describe Blackberry & Bay as sweet, fruity & sophisticated. You can definitely smell the blackberry sweetness but there is also a deeper layer to this perfume, which makes it more mature and sophisticated. This scent is perfect for daytime wear and lingers for a long time. This is my signature scent and I still love it as much as the first day I bought it. I already have my eye on another Jo Malone fragrance, Nectarine Blossom & Honey, to expand my Jo Malone collection, because I just love this brand so much.

You can buy Jo Malone at several high-end department or beauty stores. At €50 for a 30ml bottle this perfume does not come cheap, but it is totally worth every single penny.

Have you ever tried any Jo Malone products? And what is your favorite Jo Malone scent?



  1. Ik heb deze nog nooit gehad, zijn er ook testers van te krijgen?

    1. In de douglas kunnen ze samples maken :)

  2. This is kind of hilarious, checked your blog for the first time and lo and behold - my favourite perfume!
    Adore this scent, it's so very different from anything else I own. Do have to say that on me it smells anything but 'fruity', the bay and cedar wood really make it their own on my skin.

    1. Yes it's lovely and indeed very different from all the others scents I know. Funny that perfumes smell so differently on different people, on my the perfume smells really fruity