December 11, 2015

December Goals

At the beginning of November I set myself some goals that I hoped to achieve in the month November. Today I am taking a look back at November to see if I actually achieved my goals and to set some new ones for the remainder of December. 

Out of the 4 goals I set myself I only achieved one, film a lookbook or make some outfit blog posts. I actually managed to put up an outfit blog post every week, which I am really happy with. The other 3 goals weren't such a success. I did workout at least 2 times every week in November but I did not stick to the blogilates workout plan, because I was to busy to workout every day. I did use some of the blogilates videos for my workouts, because I really enjoy them and they are just really good. I started reading "before I die" at the beginning of November but I did not have much time to read. Instead of having read 3 books, I'm only about hallway through the first one. I only finished two beauty products but did buy some new products, oh well; I just couldn't resist the Christmas collections. So now on to my new goals, hopefully I'll be more successful with my December goals. 

  • Enjoy my Christmas and this holiday month with my family and friends. Sometimes I forget to appreciate everything that I have in my life and this month I just want to be more grateful for everything I have and spend some quality time with my family and friends. 
  • Post at least 5 times a week on my blog. Recently I have been posting on my blog a lot more frequently. I would really like to continue doing this in December. 
  • Finish Vlogmas for the first time ever. For the past two years I've been doing Vlogmas but somewhere halfway through the month I get so far behind with uploading that I just don't finish Vlogmas. This year I decided to upload a Vlogmas video once a week, with all my daily vlogs. Hopefully I will be able to actually finish Vlogmas this year. 

What are your December goals?



  1. Leuke goals! Ik heb niet echt veel goals, behalve dat ik vaker wil gaan hardlopen :)

  2. Succes met deze doelen! Ik wil vooral gaan genieten en veel mijn rust pakken.

  3. Leuke goals dat je hebt! Ze lijken me nog wel haalbaar :)
    Ik heb nog geen goals gepland. Ik ga er dringend eens over moeten nadenken :)


  4. Dat lijken mij wel goed haalbare doelen toch? Vooral het genieten, dat gaat je zeker lukken :) succes en fijne feestdagen!