December 10, 2015

6 amazing (ugly) Christmas sweaters

Christmas sweaters, who doesn't love them. The last couple of years they have been everywhere and if they are ugly it's even better. I already bought my Christmas sweater for this Christmas about a month ago, but I have spotted some other adorable ones and today I'm sharing my favorite ones with you.

  • The first one is this adorable Christmas sweater by Modemusthaves, which reads "All I want for xmas is you (just kidding, get me diamonds)". 
  • This black sweater with "Dear Santa, I did try" from Boohoo is just too funny to resist.
  • This red reindeer sweater reminds me a lot of the Christmas sweater I bought, but this one is from  Boohoo and not from Primark. 
  • At Boohoo I also spotted this adorable reindeer sweater, which looks so cozy and is just too cute. 
  • I spotted this sweater, which turns you into a glittery Christmas elf, in the Katy Perry for H&M Christmas commercial.
  • When I saw this sweater at the H&M, I was immediately drawn to it because the quote reminded me of one of my favorite Christmas songs "baby, it's cold outside".

Did you already buy a Christmas sweater?



  1. Hahha die rechtsboven heb ik, ben er zo blij mee; heerlijk fout!

  2. I will never buy one of these, because you van only wear theme once or max twice a year..
    But still I do think these sweaters are charming and pretty :)


    1. yeah it's unfortunate that they are only appropriate outfits in December. That's why I bought mine at the primark :)

  3. Ik vind die eerst erg leuk haha!