November 29, 2015


Now that December is almost here the whole Vlogmas hype will soon start again. For those of you who do not know what Vlogmas is, Vlogmas means vlogging every day in December until Christmas. I love Vlogmas because it gets you in the festive spirits. I did an attempt the past two years but always failed half way through, so this year I decided that I am going to do Vlogmas a bit differently.

Vlogging everyday can be really hard especially when you are going to school or work and simply do not have something interesting to do every single day. Also the editing and uploading of the videos is very time consuming, which was I always failed to complete Vlogmas. This year I decided that I am just going to upload 5 vlogs, 4 weekly ones and then one of my actual Christmas. I will try to get some clips from every single day in there, but this way I can assure that I won't be to repetitive. So yes I am doing Vlogmas but just a bit differently. Another thing that will change is that I will upload the videos on my main channel, because I hardly ever use my second channel. I hope you are just as excited as I am for Vlogmas to start. Bring on the Christmas vlogs.      

Are you doing Vlogmas?


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