November 23, 2015

Picture time: week 47

I had a lovely week and spend a lot of time with my friends! Let's have a look

I started my Monday with a run. I have to say that I am having a difficult time sticking to the Blogilates workout plan due to work, but I try to go for a run or do some exercises at least 3 times a week.

On Wednesday I had dinner with friends and I just had to take a picture of our dessert, because it looked so good.

My second outfit post went life on Thursday, you can check it out here.

Thursday evening I went to the Hunger Games, Mockingjay part 2, which was really good.  I did read the books though, so I already knew how it was going to end.

I was celebrating Sinterklaas (a Dutch holiday) with my friends this past weekend and decided to bake pepernoten to take with me this weekend. The recipe will be up on my blog this week.

I had to take the train to my friend's house on Saturday and decided to stop by Starbucks. I got a honey & almond hot chocolate, which is one of their holiday specials, and the best hot chocolate I have ever had in my life. You need to try this one, because it's delicious.

We decided to go out on Saturday, so we started our Sunday quite late. In the afternoon we did our present exchange for Sinterklaas. All the presents looked so cute together.

I got all these adorable copper home accessories, which I absolutely love. Afterwards we had dinner together and decided to watch vacation videos and pictures of all the vacations we spend together in the past, which was a lot of fun.

How was your week?



  1. Jullie waren er lekker vroeg bij met Sinterklaas ;) Maar leuke cadeautjes heb je gekregen!

    1. haha ja het is altijd heel moeilijk om een datum te vinden waarop iedereen tijd heeft dus we waren erg vroeg dit jaar. Dankje ik ben er ook heel blij mee :)