November 9, 2015

Picture Time: week 45

A new week, a new picture time. Let's have a look back at my week.
My week started on Tuesday with the Elle x Costes shopping night. Whenever you bought something your received this cute bag with a necklace and a card. They also handed out these customized Costes water bottles.

I was trying on this cardigan and my friend made a picture to send to our other friends, to ask them for their opinion. Not my best picture but I like the cardigan so much that I wanted to post it anyway.

Because of the shopping night, I missed Roy Donders Tuesday evening and my roommate missed the episode as well. That's why we decided to watch it together on Wednesday morning, which was very funny like always. 

I bought some Christmas pajama leggings to go with my Christmas sweater and sent my mom a picture of my full Christmas pajama set. (Don't mind the laundry on the floor; I did my laundry right after I took this picture.)

I went to Maastricht for the weekend to go to the 90's forever party, with my friends. Saturday afternoon, we went to one of my favorite cafes in Maastricht, the Chocolate Company. We had some delicious Apfelstrudel hot chocolate and we of course had to eat some chocolates as well.

 They put up the Christmas lights in Maastricht and it looked so pretty, I just had to take a picture.

After the party, we all stayed over at a friend's house and in the morning we were still to tired to get up, so we just chilled in our cute pajamas. 

On the way back to my house I went to my parents for dinner. My mom had made a perfect potato gratin, which was the perfect ending to a lovely weekend. 

What was your week like?