November 4, 2015

Picture Time: week 44

Welcome to my first weekly Picture Time. So let's see what I was up to this past week.

I had an appointment in Amsterdam this week and as soon as I walked out of the train station, the sun was shining so I had to make a picture to capture how gorgeous Amsterdam looked.

While I was in Amsterdam, I of course had to pop into Lush, to see if they already had all their Christmas stuff in. Unfortunately I don't have a bath tub in my house, which might have been a good thing because otherwise I would have bought a ton of bath bombs and bubble bars.

I also spotted this really cute jewelry advent calendar at the H&M.

This week I also paid my parents a visit which meant a long train journey, with a nice smoothie and a good book.

The new James Bond movie aired in the Netherlands this past week so a visit to the cinema was a must. I bought a chocolate surprise egg earlier that they, which was the perfect movie-snack.

My mom had discovered that she could watch my videos on our big TV and sat there watching my videos while I couldn't stop rambling on about how strange it was to see myself on the TV.

On Saturday it was Halloween, which I of course had to celebrate. The day started with carving pumpkins with one of my friends. The shocked face pumpkin is mine.

We also decided to bake a Halloween themed cake, which was delicious!

We ended the night with a scary movie night, after decorating my room for Halloween. However we both don't like scary movies so we just watched "Ik hou van holland" instead.

I hope you enjoyed my first weekly picture time. I will try to make more pictures this week.

How was your past week? Did you celebrate Halloween?



  1. Ziet er leuk uit met al die kaarsjes!
    XOXO esmee

  2. OH YAS! Ik kan niet wachten om naar Lush te gaan voor de feestdagen, want in de decemberperiode kom ik daar zo graag. Ze hebben de tofste dingen voor het hele gezin. :) Mhmh, jezelf terug zien op TV of bij anderen is sowieso vreemd. Die taart, so cool! Ik zat vanaf eind julli tot oktober in de special effect makeup voor Halloween looks, maar ik heb het niet gevierd.. Shame on me right!

    1. ja de lush kerst collectie is echt heerlijk en ziet er zo altijd zo feestelijk uit :) Wat leuk dat je in de special effect make-up zat lijkt me echt heel leuk:)