November 5, 2015

Balmain x H&M, my favorite items

Today is the day that many fashion lovers have been waiting for, for months. The Balmain x H&M collection will be available online and in stores. Not many of the previous H&M designer collaborations have sparked my interest but this one did, especially because the fit of the items seems to be great.
I made a small list of my favorite items:
  • For me the focus point of the collection were all the gorgeous dresses. My two favorite ones are this gorgeous black rope dress and this stunning velvet emerald dress. 
  • I also really like the bags in this collection but they are one the pricier side. This red clutch though is adorable and only 30 euro. Another great advantage of this clutch is that one side is leather and one side is suede, so it gives you two different looks. 
  • Last on my list is the branded T-shirt. White shirts with black writing have been on trend recently, which makes sense because they are an ideal casual item for your wardrobe. The writing on this shirt is simple but the velvet texture gives it something special.
The only problem is that it's quite difficult to get your hands on one of these items, with only limited stores selling the collection. I will for sure be on my computer at 10, when the collection launches online. If I manage to get my hands on one of the items I will definitely show it to you in my next haul video.

What are your favorite items of the collection?



  1. Leuke items, ik shop de laatste tijd veel weiniger bij H&M eigenlijk...
    XOXO esmee

  2. Ja ik kom er tegenwoordig ook niet meer zo vaak maar voor deze collectie moest ik natuurlijke een uitzondering maken :) xx Meryl