October 24, 2015

Treat yourself: Beauty Advent Calendars

There is something exciting about counting the days until Christmas and what better way to do so than by having an advent calendar. Most of us stick with the chocolate advent calendars but there are also some amazing beauty advent calendars on the market and today I am sharing my favorite beauty advent calendars with you.

  1. Ciaté releases an advent calendar every year. In the Calendar you find 24 miniature nail polishes perfect for a holiday manicure. The price of this beauty is $59.
  2. Jo Malone will also release an advent calendar in the shape of a gorgeous townhouse. This is the most luxurious advent calendar of the bunch, filled with fragrances and body products. It sells for the steep price of  £260.
  3. Also L'Occitane will release an advent calendar filled with a variety of miniature products. This is with £39 one of the more affordable advent calendars in this list.
  4. Essence will release a budget proof advent calendar filled with beauty products and fun accessories. This one is only €24.99, so about 1 euro per product.
  5. The body shop also has a tradition of releasing gorgeous advents calendars and this year will be no different. This years calendar will include a variety of products and tools and costs £60.
  6. The advent calendar by Lush might only give you 12 products, but most of the products in the calendar are full-size. If you want to stock up on new bath products this calendar might be a great option for £49.95.
  7. Last but not least Benefit. Benefit decided to switch things up by offering 12 miniatures instead of 24 in their advent calendar this year. This makes the price of the calendar also a lot friendlier than other years with $45. The calendar is also programmed to play a song, what more could you want. 
Which of these calendars is your favorite?


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  1. Wat cute! Ik wist helemaal niet dat er ook beauty advent-kalenders bestaan, maar dit is zó leuk <3