October 30, 2015

The Instagram Tag

Instagram has been a recent obsession. I've had my Instagram account for a while, but only recently I've really started to get into it. So I thought it would be fitting to do the Instagram Tag to give you more insight into my Instagram account.

What is the latest picture you posted?
The latest picture I posted, is this picture of a gorgeous sunny fall day in Amsterdam. I love taking pictures when the sun is shining, especially when I am near water because the reflection is just stunning. 

What is the first picture you ever posted on your Instagram?
The first picture I ever posted, was this picture of the make up products I used while filming a get ready with me. It's funny to see that some of these products are still favorites that I use regularly.

What is the best picture of yourself on your Instagram?
I would not really describe this as the best picture of myself on my Instagram, but I do really like this one. I like the gorgeous location, my red lipstick, my coffee and the fact that it's not a selfie.

Which picture makes you homesick to a specific place?
Whenever I see this picture I always wish I were back in curaƧao. The gorgeous blue color of the ocean, the pool, the palm trees and the summer breeze perfectly describe an ideal summer vacation for me. If I could be there right now, I would.

Which was the most delicious meal you posted a picture of? 
This breakfast, which I ate in Brussels was so delicious and it just looks yummie. 

Which pictures got the most likes?
This picture of the delicious Laduree macaroons I bought in Brussels got the most likes. I am a big macaroon fan and apparently there are many people who agree with me. 

Which picture editing app do you use most often?
To be quite honest I don't you any editing apps besides the Instagram filters. I want to find some good apps to edit my pictures, so if you have any recommendations let me know!

What is your most used hashtag?
I don't really have a most used hashtag. I do like to use hashtags, but I like to switch them up.

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