October 27, 2015

Maybelline - Baby Lips

Baby Lips are my most used lip balms and I discovered that I have never written a blogpost about them. So I decided to start with a blogpost about the regular range today. I also have some of the Electro range and the Dr. Rescue range so you can expect blogpost about those soon.

The regular Baby Lips Range consist of 6 shades, of which I am showing you 4 today, Peach kiss, Quenched (Hydrate), Cherry me and Pink punch. I am also showing you Melon mania, which is a limited edition Baby lips.

Baby lips come in the "regular" twist up lip balm packaging, which I like best for lip balms because it's the most hygienic. The packaging of the regular range is really colorful, making it easy to find the shade you want in your bag or make up collection. The packaging is plastic and does not feel to luxurious but what can you expect from a lip balm which only cost 3.49. Another added bonus though is the fruity scent of the lip balms based on the names they carry. 

Then on to the swatches (in the same order as pictures above) of the Baby Lips.

  • Peach kiss is a peachy nude shade, which will be the perfect nude color for people with a darker skin tone. 
  • Quenched is clear, but I got this one because it has SPF 20 making it perfect for sunny days and my go to beach bag lip balm. 
  • Melon mania is a beautiful buildable pink shade with a hint of coral. It might not be the most pigmented of the bunch, but it's a perfect everyday shade and therefor my recent favorite.
  • Cherry me is a darker pink with a hint of red. The pigmentation of this one is quite good and it's definitely a lip balm that gives your lips a nice flush of color.
  • Pink punch is a bright pink, which is very buildable. This one has the best pigmentation of the bunch, and it's definitely another favorite. 
Then on to the most important part, do these lip balms actually work? 
Yes they do! All of the baby lips go on really smoothly, they leave a nourishing and smooth layer on my lips without being sticky. They also hydrate my lips really well and definitely leave my lips softer. 

Yes I really like Baby Lips. There is a wide variety of shades, whether you are looking for a hint of color or not, they leave my lips soft and hydrated and they are really inexpensive. No wonder they are some of my most used lip balms.

Have you tried the Baby Lips already?


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