October 16, 2015

Hema x Fab collection

Hema and Fab collaborated on an accessories collection sold at the Hema from October 12th onwards. I really like the style of Fab, but it is on the pricier side, so I got really excited once I heard about this collaboration. On Tuesday I went to the Hema to have a look at the collection and of course I bought two items, which I am showing you today. 

The packaging of all the products is really adorable. All the products come in cute gift boxes with "made with love" on them. This makes them perfect gifts for friends or for yourself (because sometimes you just have to buy yourself a cute gift, right). They also have a plastic cover on them to ensure that the boxes don't get scratched in the store.

I bought a phone case and a notebook from this range. The notebook I got, has a light pink leather effect look with the word "Fabulous" engraved in gold. It's very trendy and would be the perfect desk decor. The notebook is 7 euro, which I think is a reasonable price for such a gorgeous and high quality notebook.

I also got a new phone case, which I had to buy as soon as I saw the quote. The phone case is black with the quote "I only drink champagne on two occasions. When I'm in love and when I'm not" in gold writing. The phone case was 6 euro, which is a real bargain in my opinion.

I am very impressed with this collaboration of Hema and Fab. The products are adorable, the prices are low and the packaging makes them the perfect gifts.

Did you pick up any of the items?


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  1. Ik zag er inderaad ook iets over voorbij komen, volgens mij in een nieuwsbrief van HEMA. Leuke spulletjes, maar niet echt iets voor mij.