September 8, 2015

Picture Time: my vacation in Curacao

The last two weeks it has been quiet on my blog because I was on vacation to Curacao with one of my best friends. Today I'm back with a Picture Time of my vacation.

On the 24th of August we started the day really early and after a 9.5 hour flight, in which I watched the Great Gatsby and slept the rest of the time, we arrived at Curacao.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel we went to the pool to relax.

At night we walked to the Wilheminaplein to have dinner, here you can also find these letters.

On our first full day we decided to walk around in Punda, the centre of Willemstad. First we went to the floating market.

Here salesmen sell fruit and vegetables from Venezuela directly from their boats.

Lunch time and of course we had a frozen smoothie, which was our favorite think to drink in Curacao.

We did some shopping and walked to the famous Handelskade, which was gorgeous (and yes they have a Victoria Secret store on the island with the American prices, which made me really happy).

 The houses were so beautiful.

We had dinner at de Gouverneur, a restaurant with an adorable garden and delicious food. For our main course we had Stoba a local dish followed by a chocolate dessert.

On Wednesday we had our rental car and drove to Jan Thiel beach, where we spent the whole day and drank a lot of smoothies.

At night drove to Jan Thiel beach again to go to the Zanzibar unplugged, where we had live music during our dinner on the beach. 

 Today we cruised the east side of the Island. First we had a tour at the Ostrich farm which was a lot of fun.

 Here we spotted this Iguana chilling in the sun...

and had an amazing view. 

Afterwards we drove to the Aloe plantation. 

For dinner we went to Latin Flavor at Tinto at Jan Thiel Beach. During our tapas style dinner we saw a dance show with local dance styles which was very beautiful.

 On Friday we went to Madero Beach club at Mambo beach, which was one of the nicest beach clubs I've ever been too and the ocean there was beautiful.

We were again drinking smoothies at the beach.

At night we went back to Madero for dinner and to enjoy some live music.

 We had the most delicious dinner and dessert.

 On Saturday we toured the west side of the island and started at the Hato Caves, where I was transformed into a tour guide for the outside walk.

Then we went into the caves with an actual tour guide. The caves were amazing and felt a bit like you were in a fairytale. We were only allowed to take pictures at one point, where we would not disturb the bats, but of course we had to make a picture of this pirate.

We continued our drive to Grote knip, a beach that is loved by the locals. As soon as we arrived we understood why, this is by far the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. It was so gorgeous and of course we had to go for a swim..

..and enjoy the view.


On Sunday we went to the west side of the island again. We first went to the Boca's, here the ocean crashes into the rocks which is amazing to watch.

We then continued to Playa Kalki, another gorgeous small beach which is a great location for snorkeling.

This view…

Today we went on a boat trip to Klein Curacao. The Boat trip was really bumpy but as soon as we were there it was absolutely worth it.

We went snorkeling, to look for sea turtles and spotted quite a few. The beach at Klein Curacao is amazing and I would definitely recommend you to go there but beware you might get motion sick.

We had dinner at really at Saint Tropez, a gorgeous trendy restaurant and ocean club. We went there for their cocktail night, that they have every monday, but we were to tired for cocktails.

The next day we went back to Saint Tropez for a relaxing day at the infinity pool.

They also had these cute cabana's 

Later that night we went out for our last dinner in Curacao to de Gouverneur. Our food was again delicious. 

This time we got a table on the balcony and had this gorgeous view of the Handelskade. We drank some cocktails and enjoyed our last night.

 On our last day in Curacao we went shopping at the Rif Fort in Otrobanda

And had a last walk at the Handelskade before we flew back home. We had an amazing vacation and if I were you I would definitely put Curacao on your to visit list.

Where did you go on holiday this vacation?



  1. Wauw! Wat een heerlijke vakantie en wat is het daar prachtig! Mooie omgeving, veel dieren. Hier wil ik echt nog een keer heen!

  2. Mooie foto's! Ziet er heerlijk uit. Ik zou er zelf ook wel eens heen willen<3