September 18, 2015

My fall wish list

Fall is here or at least it is, if you're living in the Netherlands. I love the summer so the beginning of the fall is a sad moment for me, but the big advantage of a new season is new clothes. I made a wish list of some of my favorite items at the moment. Looking at the overall picture none of these items really go together, but they will make great individual outfits. 

  1. The first item on my wish list is this gorgeous marble bracelet. I've been obsessed with marble recently and this bracelet is just too cute to pass up.
  2. These boots are unlike any boots I own due to the color, which is normally not a color I would go for. But I've been seeing this orange brown color a lot this fall and it has been growing on me. Now I actually really like the color and I also really like the style of these boots.
  3. Leather skirts have been trendy for quite a while but I've never seen one that I really liked, until I saw this gorgeous dark green one at the Zara. 
  4. I am quite difficult when it comes to finding coats. When I walked into the Mango a couple of weeks ago, I immediately fell in love with this coat due to the soft material and big collar. 
  5. I first saw this bag on my Instagram feed and expected it to be designer. Once I discovered that it was actually from Topshop, it immediately made it to my wish list due to the unique style and the burgundy color.
What is on your fall wish list?


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