September 10, 2015

How to make your summer tan last longer

Let's be honest summer is coming to an end, everyone has to go back to school or work and the weather keeps getting worse. Today I am telling you how to make your tan and with that your summer vibe last a bit longer. 

  • Take cold showers (yes you heard me right); Hot showers dry out your skin, which makes your skin peel quicker. Therefore it is important that you take cold showers if you want your tan to last.
  • Moisturize; To keep your skin hydrated, to prevent peeling, it's important to moisturize your skin daily after you have been in the sun and have gotten a nice tan. Go for a thicker formula then you normally would, choose a body butter (The Body Shop makes some really good ones) or for a thicker lotion (I would recommend those of the Bath and Body works).
  • Drink a lot of water; It is common knowledge that water is good for you skin. When you're on vacation and the weather is hot, it's easier to drink more water. To make your tan last you should keep your hydration levels up and continue drinking a lot of water even when you're back home.

I also have two tips that will not actually make your tan last longer but will make you appear more tan.

  • Apply peach or coral nail polish; Peach and color shades on your hand and toe nails actually make your arms and legs appear more tan, this is also convenient if you are just coming home from a vacation and want to appear extra tan for your friends and family.
  • Wear white clothes; Pretty self explanatory but probably one of the best tips.

Do you still have your summer tan?



  1. Mijn summer tan is helaas al weken niet meer zichtbaar en ik vrees dat mijn bikini dit jaar ook niet meer het daglicht gaat zien, snif snif....x

    1. goede reden om een vakantie naar de zon te boeken :)