September 23, 2015

Catrice - Liquid Camouflage Concealer

Every fall Catrice and Essence update their collection. In the most recent update Catrice added the Liquid Camouflage Concealer to their collection, and since concealer is one of my most used make up products, I knew I had to try it.

The concealer comes in a plastic tube and has a sponge tip applicator, which is not the most hygienic packaging, but I do like sponge tip applicator for concealers. According to Catrice, this concealer can be used to cover dark circles, spots and tattoos and it should even be waterproof, so let's test it.

This concealer comes in two shades of which I bought the lightest one, 010 Porcellain. I immediately noticed that this concealer is indeed very light. Normally I struggle with finding a concealer that is light enough to match my skin, but this one is actually a bit light for my skin at the moment. It will be perfect though, ones my summer tan fades. 

On this picture I am just wearing the Garnier BB cream

 Here I applied the concealer to my dark circles and some spots on my chin.

On this picture I have blended the concealer into my skin.

The Liquid Camouflage concealer is indeed a high coverage concealer. It definitely covers my dark circles without creasing, which many high coverage concealers don't do, so that's a big plus. I'm not sure on whether this concealer is indeed waterproof but it is very long-lasting. 

I am very pleased with this concealer and I already know that this concealer is going to get a lot of use. I am also very happy that Catrice include a very pale shade, because it can be hard to find a very light concealer. It would be better if there were more shades though, because with only two shades, this might not be a product for everyone. 

You can buy the Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer at almost every drugstore for € 3.59.

Have you tried this concealer?


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  1. I think (according to the pic )that the 010 shade looks very good on you. I bought the same shade and i use a greenish corrector first and then a little bit of Catrice and my dark reddish under eye area and what do you know? that zone matches the rest of my face.I don't like to set the concealer with powder but it still doesn't crease at all.