August 9, 2015

L'Oréal Paris - Infallible lipstick

Today's blog post features the L'Oréal Paris Infallible Lipstick. These drew my attention because they are two sided lip products and I was curious what the effect would be. 

The shade range is quite large; in the Netherlands they sell 18 different shades. I picked up two colors; 110 Timeless rose, a neutral pink with shimmer and 121 Flawless Fuschia, a bright pink without any shimmer.

The product has two different sides. First you're supposed to apply the colored side, which you apply with a regular lipgloss applicator. This gloss is very thick and extremely sticky but the color payoff is great. Second you apply the clear balm which is on the other end of the product. I was a bit skeptical about applying a clear balm over the color because I expected that the balm side would become a mess, this did not happen however. As soon as you apply the balm over the gloss, the gloss becomes less sticky and the product feels more moisturizing and comfortable on the lips. 

The color payoff of the product is great; with one layer, the gloss is extremely opaque. The staying power of the product is also very good. L'Oréal Paris promises a 24 hour staying power, now I have to say that I did not check this, but after a good 6 hours the product had not faded or smudged.

I did discover one disadvantage though, because of the good pigmentation and staying power of the product, you have to apply it very carefully because you cannot correct any mistakes as you can clearly see on the picture. I am impressed with these infallible lipsticks.

Have you tried any two-sided products before?


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