August 18, 2015

I Heart Sleep Tag

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Recently I've been seeing the I Heart Sleep tag on many blogs and it looked like fun, so I decided to answer the questions too.

At what time do you usually go to bed?
I go to bed around midnight during the week and around 1.30 AM in the weekend.

What is your standard routine before going to bed?
Removing my contacts, removing my makeup and brushing my hair and my teeth. As soon as I’m in bed I apply some lip balm and a hand cream (when needed) and watch a YouTube video before I turn off the lights.

What do you do when you can’t sleep?
I go on my phone; I watch a YouTube video or go on Pinterest. Although I heard that going on your phone is the worst thing that you can do because the light actually makes you more awake.

What is you favorite sleeping position?
On my right side with my legs pulled up and one arm below and one on top of my pillow.

For what can people wake you up in the middle of the night?
A vacation, I love going on vacation. Also for a Taylor Swift concert and chocolate.

At what time does your alarm go off?
My alarm goes off at 6.10 AM and at 6.13 AM and at 6.16 AM…. I am really worried that I will oversleep. In the weekend I normally don't set my alarm.

Snoozing or getting up immediately?
If I have the time I’m more a snoozing kind of person, unfortunately I rarely have time to snooze and get up immediately.

Do you sleep in in the weekend?
Yes I like to sleep in but ever since I have to get up around 6.15 AM during the week I can’t really sleep in anymore. Sleeping until 9 AM is sleeping in for me.

What weird things do you do in your sleep?
I sometimes talk in my sleep and if someone sends me a text in the middle of the night I sometimes answer.

How many pillows are there in your bed?
When I am sleeping, only 2.

What are you wearing in bed?
This depends on the season in the summer an oversized shirt or pajama shorts with a cute top. In the winter a long-sleeved pajama. I get really, really cold at night.

Do you sleep with socks on?
No, I really don’t like to sleep with socks on, only when it is really, really cold. Then I will sleep with those fuzzy socks on cause they aren’t as tight but keep my feet warm and cozy.

How big is your bed?
I believe my bed is 140 x 200 cm.

When I wake up the first thing I do is..
Check all my social media and watch a YouTube video.

Do you dream every night?
Not that I remember, who knows?

Which dreams or nightmares do you remember the best?
The ones that don’t make sense. The more unnatural they are the more likely I am to remember them. For example I once dreamt that my friends and I were having a party on a boat but the boat did not sail I was build on roller-coaster tracks and large parts of it were under the water but we could still breath. It was weird.

What is your biggest dream?
My biggest dream is to live a happy life with my family and friends and to have a nice career. 

Will you do this Tag too?


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