August 14, 2015

Benefit - Benetint

Today's blog post features my favorite lip product of the moment, Benetint by Benefit. Benetint is a lip and cheek stain, meaning that it penetrates the skin and stains either your cheeks or your lips. My cheeks are already quite red in general so I only use this product for my lips. Want to see what I think of this product?

The packaging of this product is quite unique; it looks like a bottle of nail polish. You also apply the product with a nail polish like brush. This has the advantage that it works quite precise but it does tingle on your lips. A disadvantage of this product is that people might think you have lost your mind, because it looks like you're applying nail polish on your lips. I do my make up in the train quite often and I do get some strange looks from other people when I'm using this product.

Benetint has a gorgeous pink/red shade, which is very buildable. If you apply one coat it makes your lips a darker pink shade. If you apply several layers however it makes your lips look red. The consistency of the product is great. It penetrates your lips, so it does not feel like you have something on your lips and it does not transfer (this is the kind of product your boyfriend would approve). 

I absolutely love this product. It's a perfect everyday product for me due to the buildable color and because of the consistency, that makes it feel like your not wearing anything at all. Yes I would definitely recommend Benetint.

Have you tried any Benefit products? Which ones do you recommend?


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