July 28, 2015

Surf's Up!

Essie has a new summer collection called Surf's Up and the colors were right up my alley. All the colors in this collection represent summer from peaches and corals to some gorgeous blues. Today I'll show you two of the six shades in the collection.

The two colors I have are chillato and peach side babe, a pastel yellow/green and a peachy shade. 

Chillato is quite a unique shade. From up far it looks like a light pastel yellow but when you look up closer you can see a hint of green. I really like this shade because it is something different and it is definitely a great summer shade. Pastel shades are often streaky and need a lot of layers to cover, but not this one, this one covers with two layers and is not streaky at all. 

Peach side baby is the perfect summer peachy shade. I have to say that the color is lighter in real life than in the pictures. It is again a pastel shade without any shimmer. Shades like these are my favorite kind of shades for the summer and I love that this is a true peach instead of a coral. This nail polish is again not streaky and covers in 1 or 2 layers.

I am really excited about this collection by Essie. The quality of the nail polishes is great as can be expected from Essie and the colors are ideal for summer and quite unique. I will definitely be buying more of this collection.

Did you pick up any of the shades?


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