July 27, 2015

New in: cute kitchen accessories

Recently I've been obsessed with home decor; whether it is cute bedding, copper accessories for my living room or cute kitchen accessories. I have no idea what the reason for the recent obsession is but it does mean that I have some cute kitchen accessories to show you.

The first item I wanted to show you are these adorable oven rags, I received as a gift from my friends. They have bright colors, a cute quote and pineapples on them, so in my book they are pretty close to the perfect oven rags. Since they were a gift I unfortunately have no idea where you can get them.

Next are these cute storage tins. I saw them in the V&D (a big department store in the Netherlands) and just thought they were so cute due to the quotes on them. My friends were sweet enough to buy them for me as part of my graduation present. I believe they also have a candy an cookie version. 

I have a thing for cute mugs and when I saw this mug, with golden polka dots, at the Xenos I could not pass it up. They had several mugs with golden designs, completely on trend and they were only €2.49.

The last thing I wanted to show you is this adorable wooden spoon. Now I know that a wooden spoon is not the most exciting thing in the world, but I just that it was so cute with the little heart shaped cut out. The only problem is that I am not sure if it will work as well as a normal wooden spoon, since it does have a cut out. I got this spoon at the Hema for only 1 euro.

What was your favorite item?


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