July 20, 2015

GO NUDE (The Maybelline Nudes palette)

A nude make up look must have been the biggest make up trend of the last couple of years. After the success of the Urban Decay naked palettes, many brands followed with their own version of neutral eyeshadow palettes. One of these brands is Maybelline, which introduces THE NUDES, an eyeshadow palette with 12 neutral shades.

I really like the packaging of the palette, it is sleek and black and not unnessecary big so it will fit in my make up bag, which makes it ideal for traveling. On the back of the palette you can see several looks which is really helpful if you are not that comfortable,  choosing shades that look good together.

The shades in the palette range from matt to satin to shimmery and the palette includes some great highlighter shades as well as some darker shades to transform your natural day time look into a night time look.

The 6 shades on the left side of the palette

The 6 shades on the right side of the palette
The pigmentation of the shades is in general quite good. The matt shades are least pigmented but this is often the case with matt eyeshadow. The eyeshadows go on smoothly and blend well. My favorite shades are the taupe on the top row and the golden shade at the bottom row.

The top 6 shades

The bottom 6 shades
The Nudes palette is part of the regular collection and available at the regular Maybelline retailers. The price of the palette is €15.99, which I think is really inexpensive considering you get 12 different shades.

Will you try out the Nudes palette?