May 3, 2015

My skincare wish list

Wish lists, many people have them whether it is your bucket list, a vacation list or a designer shoes list. One of the wish list I have is about all the skincare products I would like to try and today I am sharing this list with you.

1 Clinique - Take the day off cleansing balm

The first product I would like to try out is the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm. Cleansing balms, with their different consistency, are the new hype under the cleansers. I have never tried a cleansing balm but they are appealing to me because they seem to be less messy and better for your skin. I would choose this one from Clinique since it has very good reviews and I have used Clinique products before and really liked them.

2 Kiehl's - Midnight recovery concentrate

I am on the hunt for a good serum and many of my friends recommended me the midnight recovery serum by Kiehl's. This serum is packed with distilled botanicals and promises you a smoother and healthier skin. I went to the store to get a sample of this product and so far I am very positive about this product. Yes this might be a new skin care essential in my routine.

3 Clarisonic

A clarisonic is an electronic facial cleansing brush. I again would like to try this one since so many people use and recommend it. However I probably won't buy a clarisonic in the near future because it is quite expensive and I am not sure if my sensitive skin can handle it.

4 Kate Somerville - Goat Milk Cream

With my dry and sensitive skin I am always looking for a good moisturizer. This moisturizer is very popular among people with a dry skin, so it might be a good fit for me. Another thing that is highly appealing about this product is the packaging. The packaging has a pump, which gives you the right amount of product you need to use. I have to admit the idea of putting goat milk on my skin is a bit weird but the reviews are so good that the product made it to my wish list.

5. Dior - Creme de rose

According to many beauty bloggers this is the best lip balm they have ever tried. At the moment I use the fresh sugar lip treatment, which is also a well loved product by many beauty bloggers. The majority seems to swear by the creme de rose balm, so I really want to try this one if I ever feel spendy.

6. Philosophy- the microdelivery peel

The microdelivery peel by philosophy seems to be a miracle product. Like the name would suggest it is a at home microdelivery peel which leaves you with new fresh looking skin. The reviews about this product are extremely positive and it has been on my wish list for years. If only it wasn't this expensive, I would buy it immediately.

So these were all the skincare items on my wish list. Which ones are on yours?