March 7, 2015

Fresh sugar (tinted) lip treatment

The Fresh sugar lip treatment are a well known product in the beauty world, but at a price of $22.50 it is definitely on the more expensive side. Still my curiosity won and I ended up buying a set of 3 smaller sized Fresh sugar lip treatments. Want to see if they are really as good as I hoped?

The set I picked came with the un-tinted, berry and cherry sugar lip treatment. All of these are 0.08oz while a full size product is 0.15 oz.  The packaging of these lip treatment is made out of metal which makes it really sturdy and gives it a more expensive feel. You have to screw the lid on which I think is really convenient because it ensures that your lip balm will not open up in your bag.

The lip treatments sound promising since they are formulated without parabens and sulfates, have vitamins A, C and 5 and offer sun protection with spf 15. And I have to admit these might be the best lip treatments that I have ever tried. They go on really smoothly, feel extremely soft and nourish you lips unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Yes these Lip treatments are totally worth the hype.  They smell a little bit like lemon and although I would normally never use anything lemon scented on my lips, these lip treatments are so good that I am willing to compromise on that field. 

Above you can see the colors of the lip treatments, the un-tinted one gives your lips a nice sheen, the cherry one is indeed a cherry red on your lips and also has a nice sheen and the berry one is indeed a cool toned berry shade.

Yes I am convinced of the Fresh sugar (tinted) lip treatment and I will regret the day that i run out of these beauties. I would recommend the un-tinted version the most since it is also a good night time lip balm. 

What is your favorite lip balm?