November 8, 2014

Movie Time 1

This is my first ever movie time blogpost in which I will give you my opinion on movies I recently watched and whether I recommend them or not.

The Other woman
The first movie I would like to talk about is the other woman. The movie starts with Carly (portrayed by Cameron Diaz), a successful lawyer working in New York, who falls in love with her boyfriend Mark. On a meaningful night in the relationship Mark cancels their plans because he suddenly has to go home. Carly decides to surprise Mark at his house, but the surprise is on her when she finds out that Mark is actually married. Carly and Mark' wife Kate decide to follow Mark once they discover that he is going on a business trip to see if there are other woman involved. There they discover that there is indeed another woman named amber and together the three woman decide to take revenge on Mark.

My opinion:
Although there have been movies with a similar story line before (like John Tucker must die), I really enjoyed the movie. The story line focused mostly on the growing friendship of the three women, which was quite unique given the situation they were in. Furthermore the story centered around finding happiness, all woman discovered that they did not need Mark in their life to be happy and successful. It is a feel good movie, which shows that friends are indeed one of the most important things in live.

The fault in our Stars
The fault in our stars is based on the novel by John Green. The main character named Hazel Grace Lancaster has thyroid cancer, which is stable at the moment due to certain medication. Hazel lives a protected and unadventurous life and most of her days are filled by reading her favorite book by Peter van Houten, which is quite unique since it has not ending, it just stops mid midsentence. Hazel attends a support group where she meets Augustus Waters, who lost his leg to osteosarcoma. The two become friends and try to contact Peter van Houten to receive an ending to the book. This search strengthens the relationship between Hazel and Augustus but can their relationship beat the cancer?

My opinion:
I loved this movie, although Hazel is sick she has a light and refreshing way of looking at having cancer and dying. After meeting Augustus, Hazel transforms into every other girl, waiting for text messages of a boy. Although the story line revolves around the book of Peter van Houten, it is the interaction between Hazel and Augustus which makes this such a good story. Hazel and Augustus seem perfect for each other and their communication style is unique. Part  of the movie is shot in Amsterdam, which I loved since it is not a usual filming location (obviously as a Dutch citizen I am a little biased). The ending of the story is sad but shown to reality and I would defiantly recommend you to keep your tissues close while watching this movie.

The last movie I would like to discuss in this movie time is Divergent. In divergent the world in which  people live is divided into 5 fractions,  abnegation, amity, candor, dauntless and erudite. The main character of both the book and the movie is Beatrice Prior, a 16 year old girl from abnegation. At the age of 16 all children take an aptitude test that shows them to which of the 5 fraction they belong. Eventually Children will have to chose one fraction at a choosing ceremony and start the initiation process in that fraction. Beatrice also takes the aptitude test but her results are inconclusive, she displays aptitude for dauntless, erudite and abnegation. Beatrice is told that children who receive these results are called divergent and that she should never share this information with anyone, since being divergent is dangerous. Beatrice is left with the difficult task of deciding which fraction she wants to be, she chooses dauntless. Beatrice discovers however that making this decision was nothing compared to surviving the dauntless initiation process and keeping her divergence a secret.

My opinion:
I loved this movie. I had not read the books before I watched the movie, so I watched the movie without any prior expectations. Although the world in the movie is quite different from the one in which we currently live, it is portrayed really well. Beatrice' life is an emotional roller coaster with moments of extreme happiness but also moments of sadness, uncertainty and insecurity. This made her a likable and relatable character from the beginning. I do not want to spoil to much about the story since I would definitely recommend you to watch this movie and there are more divergent movies to come. Divergent is a good movie choice if you want to watch a movie with your boyfriend or any male friend, although there are some romantic scenes in the movie, there are enough action and fighting scenes to make up for that.

That were the three movies I would like to discus this time and I would definitely recommend all 3 of them. I watch a lot of movies so expect more movie times in the future!

What is a movie that you would recommend me to watch?


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